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Scientists at the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) have imaged the distant blazar J1924-2914 with unprecedented angular resolution, revealing previously unseen details of the source structure. Blazars are powerful active galactic nuclei, in which supermassive black holes eject relativistic jets directed along our line of sight. A blazar can outshine its [...]
Thu, Aug 11, 2022
Source Phys.org
Vol. 6647. Stellar structure and evolution Simultaneous X-ray and optical spectroscopy of V404 Cygni supports the multi-phase nature of X-ray binary accretion disc winds by T. Munoz-Darias and G. Ponti 2022, A&A, 664, A104 The signatures of these winds were first found in X-ray spectra, as narrow emission or absorption [...]
Wed, Aug 10, 2022
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